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ETC is pleased to introduce Tina and Chris to the team.

Tina will assume the role of Managing Director who will be in control of the business and we are all very excited for the new future of ETC.

All of our current offerings are still ‘Business as Usual’ however, watch this space for new and exciting products and services as they are developed and rolled out.

                                                                                                                           PRICING SPECIAL

All training prices are now reduced so that they are now inclusive of GST and not exclusive. This offer is available until 31st March 2021.   Enquire now.

Please feel free to contact Tina on [email protected]

Kind regards
Express Training Connections

Good News re COVID-19 Restrictions

As of June 1st we will be opening up for face to face training at our Gawler Place offices once again. Virtual training will still be available as an option, please ring us on 08 82324502 if you would like more information.
To respect gove
rnment distancing rules and to ensure we stay healthy;

  • we will be abiding by strict class sizes as per distancing restrictions
  • ensure distancing is practiced throughout our offices
  • continue with our cleaning and sanitizing regime (of twice each day)
  • hand sanitizers made available in each room
  • staff and attendees reminded to regularly use the sanitisers
  • all catering provided will be individually wrapped/portioned

Thank you all for your patience while we have managed and continue to manage our businesses and households to get through the crisis.
We will keep you informed as the Government(s) update us with policy changes that effect Express Training Connections and our clients.

Kind regards
ETC Team


Training and Room Hire

Need ROOM HIRE in Adelaide or Interstate? Looking for TRAINING? Whatever your requirements we can provide the service. In our Adelaide CBD venue we have 8 training rooms, 4 with attached private hospitality areas. These rooms are available for room hire or training with us.  Whether you require a technical or seminar room, are in the IT industry and are looking to expand your qualifications, or if you are just looking to advance your PC skills - within this website you will find all the information you need on training solutions to optimise your individual and business performance.


ETC Training Book Here

Computer Software Training 

Microsoft Office,


Adobe Creative


Public Courses

  • Adelaide CBD location
  • Regulalry scheduled courses
  • Fully qualified computer trainers

Private Courses

  • Your choice of date and timing for training.
  • At our premises or yours (metropolitan or country)
  • Customised course content to suit you or your group


Room Hire

Training  -  Seminars  -  Conferences  -  Meetings

  • Specialist Training Rooms
  • IT / PC Training Rooms
  • You focus on your training or event, we will take care of the rest
  • Adelaide CBD location
  • Away from office distractions
  • For a day, a week, more

An Office away from your Office...   from a meeting room to a conference space with a private breakout lounge and catering. Express Training Connections has a range of fully equipped rooms at competitive rates.

Full room hire details here


Specialty IT Training

Crystal Reports

Redhat Certified Training

Red Hat Exam, Red Hat Training Adelaide

Apache Tomcat Training



  • Microsoft Project Introduction

    The trainer was excellent and he really tailored the learning to suit our needs and future requirements.

    The courseware manual includes useful tools to continue familiarly with the program.

    The content was appropriate and perfect for my level of understanding.

    I achieved my expected learning outcomes and even learnt new things to help in other parts of the Microsoft family!

    Attendee - 27th January 2021
  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate

    The trainer was excellent, so clear and precise.

    I came in with a few expected learning outcomes and questions, and all were answered and gone through.

    I found the course so informative and I have made plans to attend Word Intermediate course and the Excel Advanced course.

    The trainer was amazing and nothing was inconvenient. I had fantastic day, I really enjoyed myself and I feel much more confident!

    Attendee - 8th December 2020
  • Microsoft Excel Introduction

    The trainer was excellent and was really good at making sure we were not proceeding on unless everyone is aware and confident with what they were doing.

    The facilities were very good and it was very kind of ETC to provide us with vouchers for lunch.

    The pace of the course was perfect, it was not too fast or too slow, and we spent the right amount of time on all topics.

    Attendee - 2nd December 2020
  • Microsoft Project Introduction

    The instructor and facilities were perfect!

    Could not fault any aspect of the content or delivery.

    It's always hard to find training courses for staff that genuinely support PD, a great organisation that we will continue to work with in the future!

    Attendee - 12th November 2020
  • Room Hire - 25th August 2020

    Facilities: Excellent

    Perfect amenities for facilitating training.

    Service: Excellent

    Lovely, engaging and helpful staff, what a pleasure to deal with!

    ETC are wonderful and I will happily use again!

    Government Department
  • Room Hire - 20th August 2020

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Administration: Excellent

    The hospitality and engagement by ETC staff is very helpful and much appreciated.

    Janet - Stanton Institute
  • Room Hire - 12th August 2020

    Facilities: Excellent 

    Team was very professional and personable.

    They met all our needs and provided all the necessary information. 

    Service: Excellent 

    Complimentary coffee and water was helpful. 

    Administration: Excellent 

    Location and facilities were appropriate and we felt very welcomed and valued as a client. 

    I would certainly recomend the facilities and people. 

    Mickey - DCP

  • Room Hire - March 12th 2020

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Excellent service by the staff.

    They were all very professional, personable and friendly.

    B.K. - Red Hat
  • Room Hire - February 28th 2020

    Nothing to say, excellent service, comfortable and friendly!

    I would recommend to anyone!

    Perfect service, very spacious rooms, all with an attached break out area!

    Customer service is more than expected!

    A few very nice outside restaurants were arranged to accept lunch vouchers, allowing us to have a range of choices.

    ETC offers a very friendly service, with a great location and space.

    Wish you all the very best!

    Kushantha - Advanced Training
  • Room Hire - February 27th 2020

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    The fruit was lovely and thank you for the complimentary afternoon tea.

    Nicole - BSI
  • Room Hire - February 26th 2020

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    Administration: Excellent

    Outstanding as always!

    Thank you!

    Helen - Provision
  • Room Hire - February 25th 2020

    I had on hand everything I needed to conduct my presentation.

    It is a true privilege to conduct this event alongside the ETC team.

    I rarely get spoiled like this elsewhere.

    I feel welcome and amongst friends here.

    Thank you.

    Gary - ACN
  • Microsoft Word Introduction

    -The facilities were excellent and the efficiency of the course administration and overall set up were great.

    It was really great to be able to choose my lunch with the provided options at the nearby food court with a lunch voucher.

    I couldn't have asked for better service, overall, I can't fault the Beginners Microsoft for absolute beginners and I did learn a few new valuable processes and functions myself.

    -What an excellent course!

    Attendees - 17th February 2020
  • Microsoft Excel Introduction

    I found the course very informative.

    I feel I learnt a lot.

    Thank you.

    Attendee - 4th February 2020
  • Microsoft Excel Introduction

    Very engaging course that flowed at a good pace.

    I liked how each scenario build upon each other.

    Attendee - 20th November 2019
  • Room Hire - November 14th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    Administration: Excellent

    The ETC team make my role as a trainer easier and smoother.

    No problem is too hard to be solved.

    Excellent professionalism, friendliness and courtesy.

    Thanks for the support.

    Louise - Aged Care Steps
  • Room Hire - November 14th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Long days - buy always a smile.

    Catering: Always A+

  • Microsoft Word Intermediate

    I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative.

    Thank you for a great day, and I am looking forward to returning to further learn!

    Attendee - 8th November 2019
  • Room Hire - November 7th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    Attentive and pleasant service!

    Thank you!

    Laura - Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Room Hire - October 18th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    All computer's dual monitors and projector worked perfectly.

    The computers were very reliable, with a lot of RAM and HDD space which helped with running the course.

    Service: Excellent

    Best people in the industry.

    The staff were very hospitable.

    Catering: Excellent

    The level of service they always provide and their attitude of "ready to do anything that may help running the course," can not be matched by any other company.

    I appreciate your service and look forward to visit ETC again in the future!

    Khaled - Red Hat
  • Room Hire - October 15th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    This is the first time that I presented training at ETC.

    I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and courtesy of the owner and staff.

    Well done!

    George - BSI
  • Microsoft Visio All In One

    I really enjoyed the course with the trainer, he went out of his way to ensure the queries raised

    prior to the commencement of the course were addressed.

    Attendee - 9th October 2019

    The trainer was clearly spoken and had a great pace in teaching/showing us how to do something.

    The facilities provided were great and very comfortable. The Gluten free food was also catered very well.

    The areas I wanted to learn were all covered in the course.

    Even some extra topics were discussed, which was really good to know in case I need it in the future.

    Attendee - 9th October 2019
  • Microsoft Word Advanced

    Excellent instructor with a great sense of humour!

    Thank you for an enjoyable day!

    Attendee - 3rd October 2019
  • Microsoft Excel Introduction

    Fabulous training session and perfect for a beginner!

    The facilitator was very informative and ran the training sessions in a professional, friendly and kind manner.

    I would definitely recommend this trainer and organisation for training.

    Attendee - 26th September 2019
  • Microsoft Word Introduction


    I would highly recommend the facilitator and the course!!

    Attendee - 25th September 2019
  • Room Hire - September 11th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Thank you!

    One of the best venues we use across the country!

  • Room Hire - September 11th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    The crew here have been SO amazing, welcoming and professional.

    I will be recommending their facility to all my clients when asked for a reference.

    Thank you.

    Leon and Pieta - Bapcor
  • Room Hire - August 30th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Beyond Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

  • Room Hire - August 29th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Etc has one of the best infrastructures, not a single hiccup (was experienced) :)

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    I was very happy with the choice of food provided.

    Administration: Excellent

    Swapnil - Red Hat
  • Room Hire - August 23rd 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    Etc offers a really terrific learning environment and a great support service, as always.

    Lachlan - MIA
  • Room Hire - August 16th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Very satisfied with the set up and technology provided for the clients.

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    Administration: Excellent

    ETC has very hospitable and supportive staff. Thank you.

    Stephen - Timetabling Solutions
  • Room Hire - August 9th 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

  • Room Hire - July 31st 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Thank you for the complimentary morning tea :)

    We look forward to next time, as does our staff who attend ETC for their training.

    Dee - NEAMI National
  • Microsoft Excel Introduction

    A well paced course with a patient and friendly instructor.

    It was very enjoyable, useful and professional.

    Everything was better than expected.

    Attendee - 4th July 2019
  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate

    Thank you for all of your services and the friendly atmosphere.

    Attendee - 27th June 2019
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate

    The experience was very enjoyable!

    Attendee - 26th June 2019
  • Microsoft Excel Introduction

    The training course was enjoyable and very informative.

    The day went along quite quickly.

    The trainer was very well presented and I got exactly what I needed from the training course.

    Attendee - 18th June 2019
  • Microsoft Excel Advanced

    Thank you for your time!

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Attendee - 12th-13th June 2019
  • Microsoft Excel Introduction

    Best training I have ever been to :)

    Attendee - 5th June 2019
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate

    Thank you for your encouragement, patience and friendliness. I really appreciated it!

    Attendee - 24th May 2019
  • Adobe Indesign CS6

    I really enjoyed my time at the training course and I can't wait to relate it back to my work :)

    Attendee - 6th-7th May 2019
  • Microsoft Word Intermediate

    Thank you for the training experience and I would recommend it to others!

    Attendee - 30th April 2019
  • Room Hire - 12th July 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    ETC went out of their way to ensure the best possible environment for learning.

    Daniel - Salesforce
  • Room Hire - 8th July 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Administration: Excellent

    Great service and very friendly staff.

    Thank you!

    Dan - Bang The Table
  • Room Hire - 27th June 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Services: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    An excellent venue and staff were very helpful! PC's performed great!

    Andrew - Risk Decisions Asia Pacific
  • Room Hire - 30th May 2019

    ETC always accommodates all of our needs.

    The facilities and service are excellent, and the food supplied was exceptional.

    Staff are always friendly and helpful.

    Someone is always available to assist, especially with our early starts and late finishes.

  • Room Hire - 29th May 2019

    Facilities: Excellent


    Service: Excellent

    ETC was very accommodating.

    Catering: Excellent

    Administration: Excellent

    Thank you!

    Daniel - Room Hire
  • Room Hire - 22nd May 2019

    The facilities are fantastic and their services can not be faulted.

    Tim and the ETC team are consistently wonderful to work with.

    They are always so accommodating and willing to make you feel at home!

    Oskar - NEAMI National
  • Room Hire -13th-17th May

    Everything was well organised and ready for a stress free training session.

    Thank you.


    All staff were very friendly and extremely helpful throughout the day.

    Even something small, like having a stanley knife next to the boxes delivered, to help open them.

    I personally didn't eat but feedback from the guests on the catering was excellent!

    Daniel - Cheil

    Thank you for your flexibility and support.

    See you next time!

    Dee - NEAMI National
  • Room Hire - 2nd May 2019

    Highly recommended. ETC is the best out there!

    Very hospitable and will always make sure everything is provided in the best possible manner.

    If there were any network issues, it was looked after immediately and fixed.

    I appreciate ETC's best efforts and services.

    Thank you for what you do.

    Red Hat
  • Room Hire - 29th April 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    Administration: Excellent

    Tim was fantastic to work with and we really appreciated his amazing level of service!

    Peter - NEAMI National
  • Room Hire - April 2019

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    Overall very satisfied with the room and the staff

    Would use again

    Tom - Microsoft

    Facilities: Excellent

    Service: Excellent

    Catering: Excellent

    The whole experience was seamless.

    Great service and what a world class venue.

    Thank you

    Interstate corporate client

  • Room Hire - March 2019

    Always feels like a second home when I'm in Australia, especially at ETC!

    Facilities are great, with an amazing experience.

    Many thanks to all ETC staff for making it all amazing.

    You guys are rock stars!

    Red Hat
  • Room Hire - December 2018

    Rooms were excellent. Facilities were very good.

    Rob - Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  • Room Hire - March 2019

    This is a very professional and proficient training facility. A pleasure to have been able to conduct our training event

    Gary ACN / The Wound Guy

  • Room Hire - February 2019

    Excellent and fast response to request to change room set up.

    Gary - Local Government Professionals
  • Room Hire - February 2019

    ETC staff were very helpful. Thank you.

    Red Hat
  • Room Hire - February 2019

    Brilliant service, as always. Thanks

    Helen - Provision
  • Room Hire - January 2019

    Always on point and in a great location.

    I look forward to next time, thank you!

    Dee - NEAMI National
  • Room Hire - February 2019

    Best room hire in Adelaide!

    John - Advanced Training
  • Room Hire - March 2019

    Very good quality facility.

    Good to have separate breakout area from training room.

    Good central location. Easy to get to.

    Local Government Professionals
  • Room Hire - March 2019

    ETC staff and facilities are excellent

    John - Advanced Training
  • Room Hire - February 2019

    So lovely and welcoming, thank you!

  • Room Hire - January 2019

    Facilities: "Excellent - Always on point and in a great location"

    Service: "Excellent + - Thank you!"

    "I look forward to next time"

    Dee - Neami National

  • Onsite Training in Microsoft Excel - November 2018

    I found the trainer very patient and knowledgable in what he does.
    The course was informative and learnt a lot more than I expected. 

    Debbie - Public Trustee

  • Room Hire - November 2018

    The staff were fabulous, very attentive and caring. They catered to all of our needs.
    Thank you for your wonderful support over the course of the week.

    Franca - Resolution Institute

  • Room Hire - November 2018

    For our purposes, the computer room suited our needs perfectly.
    Well set up, no hazards, clear signs, quiet, and a comfortable temperature.
    Very professional team, but completely approachable for any need. Made us feel at ease.
    We throughly enjoyed the gourmet experience.


  • Room Hire - November 2018

    Thank you for your on going support and quality service!

    Dee - NEAMI National

  • Microsoft Word Intermediate Training - November 2018

    Excellent instructor, with great tips!
    They went the extra mile to ensure everyone understood.


  • Room Hire - November 2018

    The facilities were very good!
    Facilities were larger than anticipated.
    Thank you for the help!

    Belinda - Mission Australia

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction Training - November 2018

    Trainer was great, and very helpful.
    Big thank you to all!

    Maxine - DHS

  • Microsoft Word Introduction Training - November 2018

    Trainer was great!
    They were friendly, patient and always willing to help and explain.
    Nice facilities and staff!

    Maxine - DHS

  • Room Hire Red Hat - November 2018

    The dream venue!
    A place where anyone will enjoy the care and hospitality.

    Raja - Redhat Trainer. 

  • Room Hire - September 2018

    Always a plessure to train here - you make it easy for the facilitator!

    Cutty - SOCAP

  • Microsoft Word Intermediate Training - September 2018

    Thank you for your time and patience!

    Meredith - SA Government 

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction Training - September 2018

    The trainer was very open and friendly.
    They always ensured we understood before moving on.

    Kym - Hanson Construction Materials

  • Room Hire - September 2018

    Loved the space! It was perfect for my workshop format.
    Thank you for making me feel at home!

    Kelly - Aamori

  • Room Hire - September 2018

    Friendly, helpful and very professional staff.
    The catering was tasty, fresh and filling!
    I'm very happy with the service and facilities.

    Tim - AIST

  • Microsoft Excel Advanced Training - September 2018

    It was a very informative training session.
    It has assisted me with particular spreadsheets I use within my role.

    Rikki-Lee - Department for Health and Wellbeing

  • Microsoft Word Introduction Training - September 2018

    Trainer was very patient, not worried about helping more than once.

    Sandy - Broad Spectrum

  • Room Hire - August 2018

    I found the facilities to be excellent, and a pleasure to use.
    I am beyond amazed at how good the service is.
    The staff went beyond any reasonable expectation to help ensure success.
    My course guests had special dietary requests, yet even with difficult diets, staff did a great job to accomadate for them.
    The staff are very committed to the success of the course and helped whenever they could.
    Thanks for all the support in what was a very challenging week,the support was much appreciated.

    Peter - HIMA

  • Adobe InDesign CC Introduction Training - August 2018

    The trainer was friendly and approachable, and they were open to discussion and questions.
    Thank you very much; looking forward to the next one!

    Rebecca - Thomas More College

  • Crystal Report XI Introduction Training - August 2018

    Trainer was very patient and took everything in her stride.
    Trainer was great and very informative!
    Yummy food, I enjoyed the options and selections.

    Staff - CHSALHN RMC CH

  • Variety of Microsoft Office Onsite Training

    Very Helpful!
    Great course material!
    Friendly environment and well run.
    A great session customised to our needs.
    Trainer was professional and friendly.
    Trainer explained everything I wanted to know.
    Trainer made the whole day a great learning experience.
    Course was relevant, and material will be an asset to my work.
    Worthwhile course, I learnt a lot and look forward to the next!
    The course was well planned and explained, information was useful and overall very helpful. Thank You!
    Helpful that you get your own computer to follow along with, as well as getting to take the manual home after.

    Staff - Mayne Pharma

  • Room Hire - August 2018

    Great, friendly staff who are always willing to help.
    The room is always set up perfectly!

    Peter - Timetabling Solutions 

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction Training - August 2018

    Trainer was very patient, always happy to go back and help.
    The facility was well set up.
    I have definitely learnt skills that will help me strive in my job.
    I am glad I did the course, and I am looking forward to coming back.

    Sandy - Broad Spectrum 

  • Microsoft Word Intermediate Training - August 2018

    It was a good day of training.
    Trainer was friendly and I felt comfortable.

    Debra - SA Government 

  • Room Hire - July 2018

    Very professional and well managed from start to finish.
    My first time using ETC, and will definitely be using them again in the future!

    Lee - Hairhouse Warehouse

  • Microsoft Word Introduction Training - July 2018

    The Microsoft Word 2016 Introduction session was very good.
    Using the exercise book and learning new things, makes the book a great resource.
    The venue and staff made a very relaxing learning environment!

    Mick - Disability SA

  • Onsite Training in Handling Difficult People

    Very engaging, with useful and interesting information!
    Trainer was great, they were full of knowledge and engaged with the audience.
    The trainer delivered the course well.
    Good learning experience.

    Staff - Cabra Dominican College

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training - June 2018

    Very helpful course, I learnt lots of different shortcuts that I didn't know before.
    I feel more confident in using Microsoft Excel now.

    Stephani - Liebherr Australia

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training - June 2018

    Good Presenter, was happy to answer any questions we had.

    Marie - Department for Premier and Cabinet.

  • Onsite Training in Microsoft Excel - June 2018

    Trainer was friendly and Helpful.
    Great to get some detailed information on to work things in Excel.
    I would definitely use your organisation again.

    Staff - PIRSA

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction Training - June 2018

    Excellent and Passionate trainer!

    Karen - St Bernadette's School.

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction Training - June 2018

    Comfortable place to learn!

    Mick - Disability SA.

  • Microsoft Excel Chart and Pivot Table Training - June 2018

    I really enjoyed the morning!

    Robyn – St Joseph’s School, Hectorville

  • Microsoft Excel Chart and Pivot Table Training - June 2018

    A great and informative morning!

    Lisa – Child Protection Service WCHN

  • Microsoft Excel Chart and Pivot Table Training - June 2018

    The trainer and the course were informative, as per usual.


  • Microsoft Word Intermediate Training - June 2018

    I found the trainer very friendly and down to earth and easy to understand.
    Trainer was very friendly, helpful and approachable.
    They were very thorough and knowledgeable.

    Staff -  Disability SA

  • Microsoft Excel Advanced Training - June 2018

    Thank you for the excellent training!

    Nadia – Haigh’s

  • Microsoft Excel Advanced Training – June 2018

    Trainer was very helpful and had good explanations.
    Facilities are very professional and tidy.
    I gained a lot from this course.

    Gerard – Lightforce

  • Windows 10 and Office 2016 Training - June 2018

    Very enjoyable course.
    Trainer made the class feel comfortable and was encouraged questions.
    I had a great time and would recommend this course to everyone.
    Trainer helped me understand computers and not fear them.
    Was very happy with this course and its content.
    I knew nothing when I first came to this course, but I'm walking away a lot more confident.
    I appreciated the pace of the training, I felt I was given time to learn.

    Staff - Department of Premier and Cabinet.

  • Room Hire - May 2018

    It is always a pleasure to run our training courses here due to the professionalism and friendliness of the staff.

    Garry and Stephen - Timetabling Solutions 

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training - May 2018

    Trainer was professional, calm and flexible!

    Emilio - Nunkuwarrin Yunti

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training - May 2018

    Trainer was a great presenter and very knowledgeable.

    Lesley - Nazareth College.

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training - May 2018

    Trainer made it easy to learn.
    Looking forward to coming back!

    Gerard - Lightforce

  • PowerPoint Training - May 2018

    Trainer was very informative!

    Michelle - Nazareth Catholic College

  • Access Introduction Training - May 2018

    Trainer was very helpful and informative.

    Kate - ARTC.

  • InDesign Training - March 2018

    Trainer had a lot of information sharing and willingness to answer all our questions.

    Nikki - CARA

  • Microsoft Word Advanced Training - April 2018

    Trainer was very knowledgeable with the program and is a good at imparting their knowledge.

    Gaylene - St Columba's Memorial School

  • Microsoft Word Training - April 2018

    Relaxed and friendly setting to learn a number of helpful word tips.

    Kate - ESCOSA

  • Room Hire Red Hat - May 2018

    Staff are vey hospitable, always look after everything.
    It is always pleasant to be here. So welcoming and facilities are always ready as per our necessaties.
    I highly appreciate their services.

    Khaled - Redhat Trainer. 

  • Crystal Reports Training - May 2018

    Trainer was easy to follow and understand, also very helpful.
    Fantastic session!

    Rachel - SA Health.

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction Training - May 2018

    Couldn't ask for a better trainer!

    Simon - Lightforce Australia.

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training - May 2018

    Trainer was very approachable and friendly.

    Alicia - DHS. 

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training - May 2018

    Trainer was friendly, knowledgeable and flexible to the varying skill level of the group.
    The trainer was great at keeping on track and making a potentially dry topic a little light hearted.

    Emma - Disability SA.

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training - May 2018

    Trainer was very informative and patient.
    Great Facilities!
    Judy - Department of Human Services.


  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training - April 2018

    Very Helpful Instructor and refreshment were yummy!

    Harry - Lightforce 

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Training - April 2018

    Trainer was very prompt to follow-up and research any queries to supply assistance.
    Neat, tidy surroundings and friendly staff.

    Lynley - St Columba College

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction - April 2018

    Excellen Presentation, very clear and at the right pace. 
    Very Beneficial.

    Tina - Domiciliary Care

  • Windows 10 & Office 16 Upgrade Training. April 2018.

    Lots of good tips to take home and use
    Presenter was very approachable and understanding
    Awesome food - thank you!
    Good mix of theory and practical
    Excellent training - thanks!
    Good overview, which showed me a few time-saving tricks I wouldn't have otherwise known about - worthwhile!
    Very thorough training session and well presented. Thank you.

    Staff - NCVER

  • Room Hire - April 2018

    One of the better training facilities I have used.
    Staff were all very polite, happy and friendly, I felt there was genuine concern that our needs were being met.
    The mix of sweet and savoury catering options was good, all the food was well recieved.

    Peter - Hima.

  • Onsite Training Microsoft Excel

    Excellent Course! 
    Excellent presenter, plenty of good tips.
    Really well presented, kept on track. Enjoyed the humour and assistance.

    Staff - Department of Corrections.



  • Room Hire - April 2018

    Room all set up properly and ready to go - thanks.
    Very professional and friendly - thank you

    Clare - Aemo

  • Room Hire - April 2018

    Excellent staff, so friendly and go out of their way to help 10/10.

    Megs & Dianna - Commonwealth Bank

  • Room Hire - April 2018

    It has been a pleasure to conduct training in such a fine venue.

    Lachlan - Migration Institue of Australia.

  • Room Hire - April 2018

    Really pleased with all the excellent service and work you all put in making our inaugral event such a success.

    Donna - Medtronic

  • Room Hire - March 2018

    Perfect for our needs.
    Very professional and helpful.

    Nerida - Creative Activation

  • Room Hire - March 2018

    As always, a pleasure to work in this first class facility.

    Lachlan - Migration Institiue of Australia.

  • Room Hire - March2018

    Lovely Venue. Amazing Staff.
    Thankyou for making our time here enjoyable.

    Leah - Neami National

  • Room Hire - March 2018

    Rooms worked very well for our purpose.
    If there was an option above excellent I would have given it! Best service I have come across in years.
    Catering was exceptional.
    Couldn't be happier.

    Liz - ADL Safety Wise 


  • Onsite Excel Training - February 2018

    Trainer kept it interesting and catered to our techniques and level of experience.
    Instuctor was very knowledgeable and went at a good pace. I never felt rushed or left behind.
    I learnt more than expected, the manuals are setup very clearly.
    Easy to follow course, covered a lot in the time we had.
    Having it at our workplace was excellent

    Staff - Public Trustee.


  • Excel Training - February 2018

    Trainer was extremely knowledgeable and professional and very patient with all my questions.

    Julia - Lightforce

  • Excel Training - February 2018

    Trainer, took the time to explain anything we did not understand.
    Refreshments were very very good!
    Top Shelf Guys!

    Ben - Lightforce

  • Room Hire - January 2018

    …. our trainer who has been there all week has had wonderful things to say about your venue and staff and that it has been a pleasure working there.


  • Onsite Training - Working in Teams - January 2018

    Trainer was fantastic! very knowledge & approachable.
    Brilliant program very useful.

    Trainer very friendly and entertaining, made it interesting and enjoyable. Best PD I've had for a longtime!
    Enjoyable, relevant content, kept us engaged amnd made us look forward to putting things into practice.

    Very approachable, what a great day.

    Enjoyable course, well presented.

    Expectations beyond and above, thoroughly enjoyed the day.

    St Josephs School - Port Lincoln

  • Room Hire - January 2018

    Great Facilities. Thank you very much.
    Hope to return soon.

    Vincent - Squiz Training 


  • Room Hire Red Hat - January 2018

    Extremely grateful for the hospitality received.
    I would love to come here always
    Superb, really enjoyed the catering.
    Best place to be in the world!

    Raja - Redhat trainer

  • Microsoft Excel Training - December 2017

    Enjoyed the course very much will definitely be back for the next level course in Excel. The trainer was a pleasure to learn from .. nothing was too much trouble.

    Michelle - Heavy Automatics


  • Microsoft Access Training - November 2017

    The course was very comprehensive and the trainer was extremely knowledgeable and willing to assist.

    Jane - Renewal SA

  • Room Hire - November 2017

    Love that room!

    The excellent standard is consistent from course to course and the best training facilities I have worked in throughout Australia

    Lachlan - MIA

  • Room Hire Red Hat - October 2017

    Beautiful setup, spacious room and plenty of natural light (if needed). I like the big whiteboard and big screen.

    The team here are awesome. Friendly and professional. I recommend this venue for all types of training.

    Thanks for doing a wonderful job

    Khaled - Red Hat Trainer


  • Access Training - October 2017

    Cant wait to utilize my new skills thanks

    Anna - Country Health SA

  • Excel Training - October 2017

    Enjoyable & insightful, thankyou.

    Gary - Best Bar

  • Excel Training - October 2017

    Excellent course, content and presentation were fantastic

    Barbra - Xavier College


  • Excel Training - October 2017

    Great presenter. Very knowledgeable. Thank you.

    Serena - The Hospital research Foundation

  • Excel Training - October 2017

    The refreshments were a great little surprise after each session.

    Sean - SA Health

  • Word Training - October 2017

    The trainer was very friendly and easily understood.

    The morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is a really great idea and much appreciated.

    Saskia - St Basils Homes

  • Word Training - September 2017

    The trainer was very flexible throughout the day and the course was tailored to my needs, which was excellent.

    Katherine - Ai Group

  • Excel Training - September 2017

    The course ran very smoothly. It was an easy to understand introduction.

    I found the session very informative.

    Gary - Best Bar Reinforcements

  • Excel Training - September 2017

    I got a lot out of today.

    Jody - Saint Ignatius Junior College

  • Excel Training - September 2017

    The instructor used language that "normal people" understand. Was very accommodating to questions and was very pleasant.

    Gabriella - Christian Brothers College

  • Excel Training - September 2017

    The instructor was great. I would be pleased to come back and learn from her again.

    Excellent location and facilities. Very professional.

    This course encouraged my confidence to continue my education, particularly into the intermediate program.

    Hannah - SA Health

  • Adobe Photoshop Training - August 2017

    The trainer was very helpful and his knowledge of Photoshop was excellent.

    All staff were very friendly and helpful

    Belinda - Kildare College

  • Adobe InDesign Training - August 2017

    Great teacher and good pace of content.

    Karen - Mercedes College

  • Adobe InDesign Training - August 2017

    Excellent instructor. He made the InDesign course fun and easy to learn. I would attend future training courses at etc.

    Melissa - Ausco Modular

  • Room Hire - August 2017

    No complaints at all. Great venue, fabulous staff.

    Lee-Ann - Enghouse Interactive

  • Excel Training - August 2017

    The trainer was very good and explained everything very well.

    Kerree - Bunnings Group Limited

  • Excel Training - August 2017

    Thank you for everything that was provided, easy to follow, easy to understand!

    Liana - Morgan Advanced Materials

  • Onsite Outlook Advanced Training - July 2017

    The trainer established our needs early on and tailored the day to address these; an advantage of being in a small group.

    Sue - Mount Barker District Council

    The trainer knew her stuff and was very accommodating when help was required.

    Caroline - Mount Barker District Council

  • Visio Training - July 2017

    Very relevant course. Can't wait to get back to the office to put what I've learnt into practice.

    Bronwyn - Babcock

  • Visio Training - July 2017

    Good venue. Good instructor.

    Terry - Babcock

  • PowerPoint Training - June 2017

    The course was most enjoyable. I learned heaps (from the trainer). Thank you

    Caroline - Mount Barker District Council.

  • Room Hire 25 PC's - June2017

    It is always a pleasure to return to ETC for training. The room was setup as required. The staff are friendly and professional.

    Gary - Timetabling Solutions

  • Training & Networking Night - June 2017

    The facilities are excellent, everything is always beautifully presented and all the little things are catered for. ie lollies, water, pens on each table.
    Fantastic service - nothing is too much trouble. If the request is made they go out of their way to try and accommodate.
    Catering is delicious, plentiful and beautifully presented. It is the extra special things like the Homemade hot chilli jam!!
    Communication is always timely responsive and everything is well defined so both parties know what to expect.
    The whole experience is professional, efficient and exceptional. Would strongly recommend to any organiser looking for a city location training facility.

    Tracy - ECIA
  • Excel Training - June 2017

    Your trainer is a brilliant facilitator - thank you. He explained Excel's functions and capabilities in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I thoroughly enjoyed the last two day's training and feel quite empowered/enriched. I look forward to applying what I have been shown to various tasks within my role.

    Jo-Anne - University of South Australia.

  • Excel Training - May 2017

    The Trainer was very patient and helpful, even when we lost our way!

    Jenni - KWY

  • Outlook Training - May 2017

    This training day informed me how to correctly use Outlook and the importance of folders. Was extremely beneficial.

    Ashleigh - Mt Barker Council

  • Excel Training - May 2017

    Got more out of the course that I was expecting. The instructor was friendly & patient. Explained everything very clearly. Made us feel comfortable.

    Sue - St Francis Xaviers Catholic School

  • Room Hire Red Hat - May 2017

    Everything was Excellent. No Complaints!! Praveen - RedHat Trainer
  • Tomcat IT Training - April 2017

    Very impressed with Richard's training style and knowledge, he was patient, informative and very helpful to the class.

    Dan - Bae Systems
  • Tomcat IT Training - April 2017

    The trainer explained at a good pace and logical manner which helped me to understand the architecture.

    Tegan - Bae Systems
  • Micorsoft Office Training - April 2017

    Thank you for arranging this training at such short notice, and for tailoring it to my immediate needs. The trainer was very patient, thorough and made the material clear and easy to follow, as well as relevant. I gained the most benefit from this than any other computer training I have done previously.

    Christine - Brace Education
  • Room Hire Red Hat - April 2017

    Including the cleanliness and other services, in the labs, the most I like is the sharing of instructors pc (centre monitor) on each student desktop. Excellent!! I enjoyed the food and the hospitality a lot. It makes one of my best moments of all time. Food was very tasty, hygienic and good quality. I would like to say many thanks to all the staff for making me very comfortable and confident. All the staff are so kind and smiling faces which give energy to all the other people surrounding the office. So thank you for giving me this wonderful chance to deliver the training here. Sanjeet - Redhat Trainer
  • Crystal Reports Training - April 2017

    Excellently presented, easy to follow
    Made me feel very comfortable using new found skills. Thanks!

    Lisa - PPRHS
  • Crystal Reports Training - April 2017

    Excellent Instuctor very patient and helpful.

    Sharyn - Murray Mallee Community Health
  • Microsoft Word Training

    Thank you for your time it was very informative.

    Erica - Our Lady of the River, Berri
  • Room Hire - March 2017

    Fab as always
    Wonderful People
    Thanks for being flexible

    Mike - MTS
  • Room Hire - March 2017

    Thanks for a great job guys.

    Pat - Price Waterhouse
  • Room Hire - March 2017

    Always feel very welcome - thank you

    Michelle - Employment Options
  • Room Hire - March 2017

    Faultless / seemless / helpful / professional / friendly / kind / clean / responsive / delicious
    Catering was yummy, presentation & taste was lovely
    Cannot praise enough - every detail was taken care of.
    A fantastic venue, great location will be recommended to all colleagues.
    Jasmine, Derek, Rachel & Sue. Thank you all so much - everything was just amazing.

    Margie & Tracey - Early Childhood Intervention
  • Room Hire - March 2017

    Thank you for all your help!

    Elise - AGPAL
  • Room Hire - March 2017

    Always a wonderful experience at ETC!

    Helen - Amadeus IT Pacific
  • Outstanding phone service training, March 2016

    I cannot fault the level of professionalism displayed. Best facilities in Adelaide.
    Genuine response, staff cannot be faulted
    The service is at the same level as the facilities, best in Adelaide.
    As per usually it was awfully good.

    John - Drake trainer

  • Room Hire - March2017

    Thanks for the box cutter to open the box!! Little things that make life easier.

    Helen - Provision
  • Room Hire Red Hat - Feb 2017

    Facilities: Very comfortable room. Quiet and nicely climate controlled. Neat and clean room, desks and computers.
    Service: Best people to deal with. Always made sure everything is OK. Every service was delivered with a beautiful smile. I always miss this place. Would love to come back again and again.
    Catering: Always delivered on time. Always found the hot food hot.
    Additional Comments:Thank you very much for keeping the environment so friendly and welcoming. I look forward to deliver more training in the future.

    Red Hat Trainer

  • Room Hire Red Hat - Feb 2017

    Best in class facilities available
    Great Service and Support, staff very friendly.
    During my last visit I suggested adding Indian restaurant for lunch voucher option. This visit it is done by ETC team! " Many Thanks :) "
    Visiting Adelaide this summer, specially in Feb gave me an opportunity to enjoy "Adelaide Fringe". Thanks to ETC to be located in Rundle Mall, Gawler Place.

    Manas - RedHat Trainer

  • Room Hire - Feb 2017

    Great clean facilities
    Excellent internet speed for our web based classes
    Very friendly and helpful
    Catering was great
    The experience and team are great . Thanks
    Sam - BGL Corporate Solutions
  • Room Hire - Jan 2017

    Lovely staff & Great Facilities. Excellent Location.

    David - APV Valuers & Asset Managers

  • Room Hire - Dec 2016

    Went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and all our needs were met.
    Prompt replies and flexible. For the time and service received, it was worth the money.
    Loved it

    Charlotte - Max Brenner

  • Room Hire - Dec 2016

    I would be happy to use this service again and recommend it to others

    Marguerite - Altia Solutions

  • Room Hire - Dec 2016

    As usual fantastic service & facilities

    Louise - Aged Care Steps

  • Microsoft Access Intermediate Training - Nov 2016

    The class was small so it gave me the opportunity to have my own questions answered and the course was tailored to what I needed from the day

    Nicole - Nunkuwarrin Yunti of SA

  • Room Hire Red Hat - Nov 2016

    Best in class facilities provided, great work.
    Great service, friendly staff and very helpful all the time.
    Quality of food is excellent, juice and fruits are fresh and the ambience of the break room is brilliant.
    I've been delivering training all around the globe, ETC is one of the best training experiences I've had.

    Shubham - RedHat Trainer

  • Room Hire - Nov 2016

    Great Staff, can't fault them. Always smiling and that makes a very friendly place.
    Perfect as always, Thank You :)

    Craig - CommVault

  • Room Hire - Nov 2016

    Excellent Service Overall.

    David - Caruso Consulting

  • Microsoft Powerpoint Training - Nov 2016

    Great course, received a lot of information from the course I can apply in my day to day duties.

    Sandy - AG Security Group

  • MIcrosoft Word Training - Nov 2016

    A very good course. Instilled confidence and skills that will assist in my current role.

    Eugenio - DPTI

  • Room Hire - November 2016

    Venue was excellent and well serviced. Thank You

    Satchin - Trainer, Satori Group

  • Excel Training - October 2016

    Instructor: One of the best I have had.
    Course: More than expectations.
    I would be happy for Tim to come back for further training.

    Sharon - Hughes Limousines
  • Adobe InDesign Training - September 2016

    Steve was great, we all had differing levels of experience and he handled that really well.
    It was nice to have the screen and book to reference.

    Rachel - Hansen and Yuncken

  • Room Hire - September 2016

    Setup really supports training
    Friendly and responsive service
    The team understands training and so has setup the facilities that work well.

    Mike - Major Training Services
  • Room Hire - September 2016

    Good job guys! really loved being here.

    Nandan - RedHat Trainer
  • Room Hire - September 2016

    Facilities are better than any other in Adelaide
    Staff are exceptional
    Catering - Variety and presentation faultless
    The administration, the service and the presentation of the room and facilities is second to none.
    Exceptional on all Levels.

    John - Drake Training

  • Room Hire - September 2016

    The service provided for a series of national training sessions were well organised by ETC. Participants with dietary requirements were well looked after and from the feedback we received it was clear everyone enjoyed the course. It was a very positive experience for all involved that the Department chose ETC to supply the training. Thank you ETC.

    Carmel - Department of Employment
  • Room Hire - September 2016

    ETC were very competitive with their pricing for the training we were running in capital cities around the country. The facilities and customer service were of an excellent standard and feedback from the people being trained overwhelmingly positive.

    Mark - Director Project Implementation Team, Department of Employment
  • RedHat Training - September 2016

    Great location in the city, facilities in room are excellent. Staff are very friendly and welcoming.
    For lunch vouchers have to add Indian Restaurant as well, the Joy of India is a good one in city cross. (we will try to get them on board... ETC)
    I am pleased with the quick and courteous support. I must say that ETC care about developing a long term relationship that means more than just making a sale and provide the facilities.

    Manas - RedHat Trainer

  • RedHat Training - August 2016

    Everything was great, would love to come back

    Praveen - RedHat trainer
  • Room Hire - August 2016

    Exceptional Service!
    A big thanks for organising the Birthday Cake. Congratulations; many wow experiences

    Rob - ProVision

  • Room Hire - August 2016

    Excellent service and friendly staff. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to others.

    David - BGL

  • Room Hire - August 2016

    Facilities were first rate
    Very friendly staff - wonderful service
    This is the best training centre I have been too. Lovely staff and a great experience

    Marcus - CPA Australia

  • Room Hire - July 2016

    Facilities - Clearly setup for trainers by trainers
    Service - Bent over backward
    Catering - Nice to use Lunch Vouchers
    Will use in future. All aspects of the facilities and the service are correct for the delivery of quality training
    Thank You.

    Mike - MTS

  • Onsite Outlook Training - July 2016

    I wanted to pass on our thanks for arranging this training and especially for sending your trainer.
    The feedback about both her way of instructing staff and knowledge was impressive! I actually attended too as I have just stumbled through Outlook over the years and the nature of my job is that I receive a lot of emails, about many topics with various stakeholders and deadlines. She offered a couple of really good tips about how to manage the inbox (and myself) that I have been implementing this morning.
    Thank you once again, and we would be happy to use both ETC and your trainer again should a need arise.

    Lynn Rawley
    Corporate Services Manager
    Department of Employment - South Australia

  • Room Hire - July 2016

    Very friendly & helpful

    Warrick - Mentor

  • Room Hire - July 2016

    Easy to come in and setup
    Great service from the whole team
    Thanks for a great day and we felt very welcome

    Lisa - Australian Computer Society

  • Room Hire - June 2016

    Service was fantastic, Thankyou!

    Dan - Dept of Health

  • Room Hire with 24 Pc's - June 2016

    Excellent +++

    Mathew, Timetabling Solutions

  • Room Hire - June 2016

    Individual control of aircon / heating is great
    I enjoy working with ETC, always friendly, helpful.... it's the little things that make the experience better
    Catering - Sensational today, Thanks loved the variety (& the fruit)
    ETC makes my life easy - it's a pleasure being here. I look forward to next time. Thanks..

    Helen ProVision

  • Room Hire - June 2016

    Great Venue, Thank You

    Julian, Economic modelling

  • Room Hire - June 2016

    Facilities are more than BGL and myself could ask for
    The service offered is always excellent

    Rocco, BGL Corporate Solutions

  • Room Hire - May 2016

    Top Facility, great staff & a "can do" attitude. 5 star service.

    Christopher - Legal Training Australia

  • Room Hire - May 2016

    Thank you so much for all your help, especially for printing out all of our slides / documents at last minute. I really appreciate it. The staff have been wonderful, so thanks to everyone.

    Natasha - Strategy Steps

  • Room Hire - Word Level 3 training

    These are the best training rooms in Adelaide. Staff are exceptional.

    John, Drake Training, May 2016.

  • Future People

    Room Hire

    We are returning customers. Fantastic Service!

  • Red Hat RH124 Training

    Red Hat Training - 5 days
    ETC is always excellent in all services. It is difficult to compare with any other facility providing training services.
    Excellent work Excellent people

    Nitin - Red Hat Trainer

  • Room Hire - Assessment Centre - Recruitment

    Service: "Amazing, attentive and organized"

    Catering: "Very happy with catering"

    Other feedback: "Just fantastic. Really lovely people. Great service and room setup.

    "Very thankful for all the assistance.

    "Happy to promote ETC to others that may need facilities in Adelaide"

    Future People

  • Technical Lab Room Hire

    "Perfect Customer Service! :) "

    "Thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate it!

    "Thanks everyone! You have a great team there!"

    BGL Trainer

  • Soft Skills Room Hire

    "Good equipment & great to have assistance to set up"

    "Outstanding service & great customer focus"

    "Really appreciate your attention to detail including acknowledgement of International Womens Day"

    Char - Change Champions & Associates

  • MS PowerPoint Training

    The trainer had good communication and focused on relevant areas

    The trainer continually asked for feedback re speed and focus and made sure all attendees were on track

    WHS Manager - Major State Utility

  • Catholic Education

    On-site Adobe InDesign Training

    "The trainer explained everything in a way it was easy to understand"

    "Excellent, engaging presenter"

    "Instructor was excellent and extremely patient and tolerant towards all participants - with a varying knowledge"

    "The trainer made us all very comfortable and explained things really well. Excellent course booklet"

    "(The course content was made really easy to understand"

  • Genesee & Wyoming Australia

    Microsoft Word Customised Training

    "Nothing was too much trouble, (The trainer) structured it (the training) to suit my needs, I would recommend (the trainer) to others"

    Rosslyn - GWA

  • MicroFocus

    Room Hire

    "I train in a lot of venues throughout Asia Pac and ETC Adelaide are the best. Very good facilitation and excellent fast hardware"

    Kevin - Facilitator

  • Microsoft

    Room Hire

    Facilities: Excellent, Service: Excellent, Catering: Excellent

    "Overall the staff have been friendly, helpful and responsive. This has been a fantastic training experience."


  • Hansen Yuncken

    InDesign Advanced Training

    "(the trainer) was very knowledgeable and shared his knowledge openly. He was friendly and engaging."

    "Guided instruction was excellent"

    "Excellent course material and presented well"

  • Ochre Workforce Solutions

    Room Hire

    "Excellent Facilities, lovely staff that are very helpful"

  • SA Power Networks

    Excel Charts & Pivot Tables

    Excellent course, great presenter, found it very useful.

    Thank you

  • Australis

    Room Hire

    "An excellent venue.

    Very helpful, friendly and accommodating

    (They) very patiently sorted out my computer issue.

    Much appreciated & a nice environment to be in.

    Thank you"

  • Harvey Norman

    Room Hire

    Excellent training facility,

    professional and friendly staff who

    responded to our needs promptly.

    Would recommend!

    Luke & Candice - SAM training

  • Diabetes SA

    Room Hire

    Thank you so much for always making us feel welcome.

    You always provide excellent customer service and the facilities are outstanding.

    Alison - Trainer

  • BGL Corp - Room Hire

    "The training room lived up to expectations and the equipment worked well.

    "When using the internet to train BGL's cloud based product there wasn't any issues with speed.

    "Service was fantastic (they) made myself and BGL clients always feel welcome"

    Rocco - BGL Corp Training

  • MS Excel Advanced

    Excel Advanced Public course

    The course was better than expected. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and flexible in her teaching. Would definitely train with ETC again.

  • BGL

    Room Hire

    "Always cleaned up right away. Always ensured I had everything I needed. Equipment had everything I needed, nothing went wrong with equipment"

    "Food was great. Clients loved the food. It tasted great and was presented great"

    Norman - Trainer

  • Amadeus

    Room Hire

    "It's always a pleasure training at ETC. Staff and facilities are excellent"

    Helen - Trainer

  • DMS

    Room Hire

    "Superb Facilities"

    "Fantastic service. We were looked after exceptionally well"

    "The whole team at ETC have been thoroughly professional. The service and attention to detail was fantastic. Will definitely be back!"

    Chris - Trainer/facilitator

  • Industry Fund Services

    Room hire

    Everything went very smoothly. Thanks for all of your help


  • Auditor Training Centre

    Room Hire

    Express Training Connections provide an excellent location to hold our regular auditor training in Adelaide. The staff are friendly, flexible and very well organised - all our detailed and technical requirements are always well in hand when our presenters arrive to deliver the course. We receive consistently high feedback from our students impressed with the level of amenity, central location, and quality of food. We look forward to future training events at ETC.

  • Paul - OzSoft

    Room Hire

    "I would recommend etc for any IT training course"

  • Aged Care Steps

    Room Hire

    "Honestly, the best & most caring service from any facility - from ALL of your team. Thanks!!

    "Brilliant - thankyou for making my job easy.

    "See you again soon!!"

  • Kustom Engineering

    Room Hire

    "The staff @ ETC are very responsive to helping solve and issues, are always happy and pleasant to talk with and make running a workshop an easier task to accomplish.

    "Looking forward to running workshops again with ETC next time we return to Adelaide"

    Dr Ben Kus

    editor's note " It was a pleasure hosting your workshop Ben "

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training

    PC Training

    “What a lovely experience. Very knowledgeable and a great learning environment”

    “Enjoyable training”

    “Instructor was fantastic, very knowledgeable and approachable. Great experience once again.”

    “Catering was supplied in house, not sure who the provider was, it was excellent”

  • BGL

    Room Hire

    "Always went above and beyond to provide the assistance needed.

    Helpful and friendly staff. Always goes out of the way to ensure I have everything I needed."

    Norman - trainer

  • Migration Institute of Australia

    Room Hire

    "The best training venue in Australia for the MIA"


  • Adobe InDesign Training

    Amy - Public Utility

    "The instructor knew their stuff!! Very knowledgeable"

    "The instructor was able to tailor the package to what we required"

    "By far the best training I've been to!"

  • Room Hire

    Leigh - Contract Trainer ProVision

    "First class facility only exceeded by the friendly and courteous service by all staff - Many thanks"

  • Microsoft Project Customised

    "Good one on one session, the trainer answered all of my questions well. Great training session presented in a logical step by step process, well done!" - Justin

  • Microsoft Word Intermediate

    "Looks like the advanced course will be worthwhile to build on the intermediate!" - Jon

    "The instructor was wonderful; I found the instructor very enthusiastic, easy to listen to and very helpful when keeping me focused!"

  • Microsoft Excel Intermediate

    "Fabulous! Thank you for a very pleasant day of learning with a very competent instructor!" - Anne

    "Thank you for the informative and entertaining training session!" - Karen

    "Great training provider, great venue and trainer" - Silvia

    "Course was great" - Neil

  • Adobe Essentials Captivate

    "All very good, well done!" - Nick

    "It was a fun course; the instructor was one of the best I've had because of their excellent approach to teaching. Overall it was a really great course. Fantastic equipment, materials and such a professional group of people." - Chris

  • Crystal Reports 11 Basic

    "The course was at an excellent pace and the manual to take home will be a lifesaver. Looking forward to the advanced course!" - Jennifer

  • PC Room Hire

    "Always excellent service, nothing is too much trouble. Well done!" - Alison

    "Excellent overall, will use again and recommend!" - Kevin

  • Soft Skills Room Hire

    "All the staff I came into contact with were exceptional, thank you!" - Lindsay

    "The catering was great, lots of variety for many different requirements!"

    "I really enjoyed coming here!" - Jenni

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction - Private One On One Training

    "I found the instructor was easy to understand, very helpful and she also had a good knowledge base. Thank you! - Rosa

  • PC Room Hire

    "ETC were fantastic at accommodating a very last minute booking. The day ran incredibly smoothly and I look forward to working with the ETC team for future training events in Adelaide!" - Bryony

    "What can we say? ETC rocks!!!" - Richard

  • Soft Skills Room Hire

    "The whole experience was very pleasant, nothing was too much trouble and we would definitely use again!" - Debbie

  • Crystal Reports 11 Training Basic

    "The trainer was great and the staff members were very welcoming and friendly!" - Mark

  • Private Access One On One Course

    "ETC made it very easy, comfortable and quick for me to learn and work through any issues I had. No question is too silly, thanks!" - Abby

  • Microsoft Project Introduction

    Microsoft Project Introduction

    "Thoroughly enjoyed, very useful and went at the right pace for my needs!" - Penny

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction

    "The trainer was able to answer all of my questions and was very professional and friendly. Thank you very much!" - Makiko

    "More then happy with how the day went. The trainer was very helpful, assisted and answered any questions we had!" - Denis

  • Fundamentals In Project Management

    "Very knowledgeable presenter, always presented with brilliant examples that related to the real world." - Sonia

  • Soft Skills & PC Lab Room hire

    "Plenty of food, mixture of hot and cold worked out well and the supply of fruit was appreciated."

    "Friendly, accommodating and professional staff. Everybody was great, Thank you!"- Gerard

  • Microsoft Word Advanced

    "Excellent instructor, very engaging!" - Anna

    "Fabulous trainer!" - Natalie

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction

    "Best course I have ever attended!" - Christina

    "The trainer was excellent, really made it fear free and easy. Excellent course!" - Karen

    "The trainer was excellent, made the course fun and enjoyable. It was obvious throughout the day the trainer was experienced, I appreciated all the time and help I received. " - Leigh

  • Adobe Captivate Advanced Training

    "All the staff at ETC have been professional, friendly, helpful and attentive to students' needs at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to people looking for professional training.

    Everyone looked after my colleague and myself really well. This contributed not only to the gathering of facts (Captivate 6), but an overall positive, encouraging and safe learning environment. By ‘safe’ I mean safe to experiment, ask ‘dumb’ questions and share opinions."

  • NDSS Access Point Training

    Diabetes SA

    Service: "We have found the staff at ETC always very warm, welcoming and professional"

    Catering: "Our trainees' comments on the catering is always complimentary. We always have plenty of food and the quality and variety is exceptional

  • Jeff - Employment Options Inc

    Ongoing Room Hire

    I have had nothing but good reports from my trainers that use ETC facilities.

    We are very happy with the venue and the level of service provided. ETC have always shown themselves not only to offer high standards, but to actually deliver them.

  • Wendy

    Recurring Room Hire

    We have had great feedback from our trainers and participants at ETC. The food receives great praise and so does the venue.

    Kind regards,

  • Stephen - Direct Marketing National Company

    Room Hire for Induction Training

    "Facilities were excellent - clean, pleasant and well maintained."

    "I wish there was a grade above excellent - Truly outstanding level of service."

    "The ETC team were fantastic."

  • Self Managed Super Fund

    Room Hire

    Thanks to all the team for having us (BGL) for this week. Such an amazing place with amazing and wonderful staff 

    We will be coming back to Adelaide soon!!

    Thanks again

  • Room Hire

    Thanks to all the team for having us (BGL) for this week. Such an amazing place with amazing and wonderful staff 

    We will be coming back to Adelaide soon!!

    Thanks again

    Self Managed Super Fund

  • Private Participant

    Adobe Captivate Advanced

    "All the staff at ETC have been professional, friendly, helpful and attentive to students' needs at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to people looking for professional training.

    Everyone looked after my colleague and myself really well. This contributed not only to the gathering of facts (Captivate 6), but an overall positive, encouraging and safe learning environment. By ‘safe’ I mean safe to experiment, ask ‘dumb’ questions and share opinions."

  • Kathy

    Crystal Reports XI Introduction

    "Great course and very well presented!"


    “Well worth doing, I now have a better insight to Crystal.”

  • Leigh

    Microsoft Project Training

    "The instructor knew what he was talking about; he was very patient and easy to follow. Very well constructed course!"

  • Nadia

    PC Training Room

    "Plenty of food available for lunch, it was a great mixture. Thanks ETC!"


    "Great training venue, all worked really well. Thank you!"

  • Eddy

    PC Room Hire

    "The room setup was 10 out of 10"


    "Exceeded my expectations, well equipped room. Thanks!"

  • Dean

    PC Room Hire

    "Brand new computers, excellent facilities. I cannot complain about anything; great job, keep it up! "

    "All the staff were extremely friendly, approachable and helpful. Again 10/10, keep up the great work! "

    "Love the ETC team."

  • Microsoft Word Intermediate Training

    PC Training

    "All areas of the course were excellent including the trainer."

  • Clarkson ITT

    Room Hire

    "We book training rooms all over Australia and wish to offer our students a comfortable and engaging environment conducive to excellent training outcomes. 

    ETC's offering is amongst the best and offers us excellent technical support, comfortable rooms, great catering and a warm welcome and high standard of care for our clients."

  • Regional Arts Australia

    Room Hire

    "Thank you for providing such fantastic services and facilities for the training session we had .... I couldn't have asked for any more in terms of the service and professionalism you provided in the lead up to and during our event. The training room itself, and it's equipment was well lit and comfortable and the break out room was an extra luxury that meant we were able to relax, chat, network and get to know the other participants in a comfortable, informal atmosphere.

    Certainly if we are looking at computer training facilities again, you will be top of our list. And I'll certainly spread the word to anyone else I know who is looking for such facilities."

  • Human Resource, Diabetes SA

    Room Hire

    "Diabetes SA has recently been conducting training seminars using the facilities provided by ETC. The assistance provided by the management and staff at ETC has been first class and their welcoming nature, responsiveness and professional manner has contributed to a rewarding experience.

    The facilities available in the classrooms and breakout rooms – from IT hardware to presentation resources, space and ambience - are excellent, providing a positive environment for learning. The feedback from class attendees regarding the facilities, including catering, has been equally positive. The level of professionalism, organisational expertise and customer service standards delivered by the staff at ETC has been impressive.

    Diabetes SA will be continuing to utilise the services of ETC over the coming months for our training needs, and we would recommend their facilities and services to prospective customers who seek a warm, receptive and professional environment for their planned events."

  • Sensis Sales Training Operations

    Room Hire

    "My role as Sales Training Operations Manager requires training to be organized in all states of Australia. I can without doubt highly recommend Express Training Connections in Adelaide for their flexibility, professionalism, and attention to detail. Our five rooms hired were fully equipped, our trainer’s were given every support, our Executives given an office to work from and hospitality was enjoyed by all participants. Their aim is to make everyone comfortable, have everything organized and the client’s training to run efficiently. It was all achieved while creating a warm and friendly atmosphere with a personal touch. ETC is one of the best training venues in the country."

  • Room Hire

    Room Hire Adelaide

    Need value for money, flexible training rooms with the convenience of a central location in the heart of Adelaide's CBD?

  • PC Training

    Computer Training Adelaide

    With fully qualified computer trainers, small classes and a happy relaxed atmosphere in comfortable corporate training rooms, we can have you up and running in no time at all.

  • Feedback


    "Thank you for providing such fantastic services and facilities for the training session we had... I couldn't have asked for any more in terms of the service and professionalism you provided in the lead up to and during our event..."


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